# Guide

ErrorCode in WEEX

# Common Error

# Degrade

-1000degrade cause exceptioncheck errmsg,fix
-1001:create instance failedcheck errmsg,fix
-1003bundle content-length check failedcheck the bundle sent by server
-1004http header Content-Type check failed,must be application/javascriptcheck server response
-1005other reasoncheck errormsg fix
-1008:bundle downLoad failedcheck errormsg

# JS Exception

-2013js exceptioncheck js error stack
-9801memory leak, jsBundle's bundletype error,should be// { "framework": "vue/rax"}repackage bundle

# DownLoad Error

-9201:bundle download faildcheck error msg

# WhiteScreen Exception

-9700white screen cause js exceptioncheck error msg,fix

# Plantform

# Android

native logic,see error msg.

  • code: -1012
    • description: jsfm init failed cause params is null
  • code: -2001
    • description: load so failed
  • code: -2112
    • description: weexjscCrash
  • code: -9000
    • description: sdk init failed
  • code: -9003
    • description: jsfm init failed
  • code: -9610
    • description: when call Native,params is null(instanceid、args)
Last Updated: 8/15/2022
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