# Create Your Own App

The following steps assume basic knowledge of Node.js and npm. If you are not familiar with them, you can visit https://docs.npmjs.com/ to learn more about npm, and https://nodejs.org/en/docs/ to learn more about Node.js.

Weex provides a command line tool, the weex-cli, to help developers get start easily. The CLI can help you create a starter project, setup iOS and Android development environments, debug, install plugins, and so on.

Currently, the weex-cli only supports the creation of Vue.js project. The rax-cli may be helpful if you want to use Rax. Please visit Rax's official website for more details.


rax-cli is a third party plugin, and is not developed nor maintained by Apache Weex.

# Set up

With Node.js installed, install weex-cli CLI globally.

npm install weex-toolkit -g

This will add the weex command to your global path, and will allow you to generate new projects with the weex create <project-name> command. Use weex create to create a starter project:

weex create awesome-app

After doing that, a standard Weex + Vue.js project will be generated inside the awesome-app folder in the current path.

# Develop

The next step is to navigate into the generated directory, install dependencies, and start:

cd awesome-app
npm install
npm start

npm start will start a web server on port 8081. Open http://localhost:8081 in your browser of choice to see the rendered result of your Weex app. The source code is located in src/ folder. You can develop it as a normal Vue.js project.


Additionally, you can open http://localhost:8081/web/preview.html to preview the rendered result on the web in an iframe. You can also scan the QR code generated on the right using the Weex playground app to see the rendered result on the mobile device.

# Build and Run

By default, the weex create command doesn't create the iOS and Android project, but you can use weex platform add to add them.

weex platform add ios
weex platform add android

Depending on your network environment, it may take a while to add them. Please be patient.

In order to develop the app on your local machine, you need to set up a mobile development environment. For iOS, you should install Xcode. For Android, you should install Android Studio. When the development environment is ready, run the commands below to launch your app on the simulator or the device.

weex run ios
weex run android
weex run web

# Debug

The weex-toolkit can also be used to debug your mobile apps. Just run:

weex debug

weex debug will start a debug server and open a web page in Chrome (only support V8 engine). For more technical details of weex-toolkit, please refer to the toolkit document.

Last Updated: 8/15/2022
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