High Performance

Weex is using native components and native modules to take advantage of native rendering performance and platform capabilities. Both components and modules are pluggable and extendable.

Cross Platforms

You can use a single codebase to generate different bundle files to running on both Webs, Android and iOS platforms. Native components and modules have a different implementation on each platform, but they all exposed the same API.

Front-end Friendly

Weex embraces the existing Web ecosystem, you can use modern front-end technology to develop your mobile apps. Weex supports most commonly used CSS properties and most popular front-end frameworks, such as Vue and Rax, maybe more in the future.

Large-scale Used in Production

Weex has been large-scale used in many super apps for a long time, served almost billions of people in total. Weex also derived many engineering products and platforms for industry development.
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