# <cell>

# Summary

This component must be used as a subcomponent of a listrecyclerwaterfall component.

# Child Components

This type of component supports all kinds of weex component as its child components. But you should not add another scroller or list into a cell.

# Attributes

  • keep-scroll-position boolean. It controls whether to keep the last sliding position after inserting the cell.
  • insert-animation string, cell insert animation. Only support none and default now.
  • delete-animation string, cell delete animation. Only support none and default now.
  • recycle boolean, iOS, Android, default true. It controls whether the cell's view in a list should be recycled when the UITableView is scrolling. You should always use true for iOS. On Android recycle is always true, you can use false to prevent image and text data rebinding.

# Styles


  • You can't give <cell> a flex value. Width of <cell> is equal to the width of its parent list/recycler/waterfall component, and you don't need to specify its height.
  • Cell itself is a container and its layout info is managed by parent component such as list. So margin should not be specified for a cell.

# Events

# Vue Example

Please refer to

# Rax Example

import RecyclerView from 'rax-recyclerview';

rax-recyclerview doc

Last Updated: 8/15/2022
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